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        For those who just want to lay back and relax.
        Where life just could not be any better.

   The Winter Harbor apartment ~   One bedroom apartment in a coastal village bordering Acadia National Park.  Short walk to the harbor, marina, stores, restaurants, golf course and tour bus stop.  Enjoy the hiking trails, bicycling, fishing, kayaking, golf, swimming and picnicing along our rocky granite shoreline in shades from gray to pink.  Experience a little bit of life in the slow lane and treat yourself to some real downeast pleasures. ~ From

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The Other Place

   The Captain Guptill House - steps from the oceans edge ~   Built on a grassy knoll overlooking the harbor in the 1880's.  Completely renovated from the ground up about a decade ago.  It is approximately 1700 square feet and has a southerly view facing the harbor and the open Atlantic Ocean.  From the front porch you can sit and watch the boats, the sealife and the eagles flying overhead all day long.  In the evening you'll see the colors of the sunset in the harbor and in the morning you'll be awoken to the sounds of the fisherman leaving port for their days catch.  You'll have your own private oceanfront where you can hunt the rocks for treasures, get your feet wet, or just sit and watch nature at its best. ~ From

   The Schoodic Point Cottage ~  Warm and cozy vacation cottage minutes from Acadia National Park in Winter Harbor.  Enjoy being near the ocean, the feeling of being in a remote cottage in the country and yet being right in town.  From here it's a short walk to the harbor, marina, businesses, restaurants, golf course and shuttle bus stop.  Enjoy hiking trails, bicycling, fishing, kayaking, golf, swimming, picnicing and experience life the way it should be.  Have it all! ~ From

   Settlers House - lodging on the loop ~  Colonial 3 bedroom home sitting right off the park exit.  Built in 1765 and beautifully maintained it is the oldest remaining home in the area.  This downeast home has plenty of room for families and with the king and queen bedrooms and imagerooms being at opposite ends of the home and with all of the bedrooms being apart from each other it is also the perfect getaway for two couples.  And when it is time to enjoy some beautiful scenery or exercise just get on your bike, walk or hop the tour bus on the park loop in front of the house. ~ From

   The Schoodic apartment ~   One bedroom apartment in Winter Harbor minutes from Acadia National Park.  It is a little over a mile from the park road where you can bike or hike the trails.  And throughout the year there are different festivals and events.  It's not quite all-inclusive but stocked with everything we can think of that you may forgotten or need to get your vacation started.  Come for a week.  Live life like it is meant to be lived enjoying cookouts, campfires, fishing, shopping , biking, hiking and more. ~ From

   Guptill Cottage - oceanfront ~   Overlooking Acadia National Park.  Make the last turn at the end of the point and you've reached your destination.  Don't worry about missing it.  You can't go any farther without a boat.  Sitting at the end of the lane this three bedroom cottage is in town but still off the beaten path so to speak.  It's private and quiet and it is easy feel like you are all alone in the world except of course for the lobster boats pulling their traps in the morning and the resident eagles soaring overhead all day.  You will have hundreds of feet private oceanfront to explore. ~ From

   Birchhill cabin ~  I have never seen prettier sunsets and sunrises as I have from here in all my life.  The camp is to close to civilization to be called remote by our standards, but if you are from anywhere else I bet your gonna feel like you out in the boondocks.  Its about 30 miles from town.  The area is full of all kinds of wildlife.  If you want to get away from it all you won't find more suitable lodging.  So on your next holiday come on up and stay awhile.  Great fishing and hunting!

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Schoodic Point in Winter Harbor is situated in the heart of vacation land and is the home to Acadia National Park.

The ferry
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The ferry
The ferry rounding the point
Although the park is flat out gorgeous and there's no denying that.  There's more to the area than just the park.  Less commercialized than the other tourist hotspots we offer visitors a lot to do.  Especially those guests who desire a more relaxed, less crowded atmosphere.  But even those desiring days of crowds, shopping and non stop activities can have the needs easily met here.  That's one of the beauties of a vacation or living here.  You can have remote, secluded, quiet or crowds anytime you want, it's your call.

During the tourist season L.L. Bean helps sponsor a free shuttle bus starts in Winter Harbor and makes tours of Schoodic Point, the park and area.  There are many shops and businesses to wander through.  Places to rent kayaks and bikes.  Grindstone Neck has a nine hole golf course that is one of the oldest courses in the country with views of the ocean from every hole.  There are a lot of places to buy your dinner but fresh lobster prices are tough to beat and you'd be hard pressed to find lobster cheaper anywhere else.  Plus his sons bring them in daily so they couldn't be fresher.  If you are here while they are shedding you should try them.  They are what most locals prefer and because they are so tender and delicate they don't ship well so you can't get them anywhere else but here. 

Mark Island Light at the entrance to the harbor Mark Island Light at the entrance to the harbor
Mark Island Light
Throughout the year Schoodic Arts puts on programs, theaters, concerts, dances and many other events.  Then during the summer they host an arts festival for two weeks which usually starts around the last week in July.  But still overall it's generally quiet here (compared to where you probably live) except for the lobster festival and a few other things.  Once a year the entire town goes on holiday.  The second Saturday in August.  The only time of year there's more people than lobsters around here.  Sometimes the cars get backed up at the stop sign downtown ten deep waiting to make the turn for the craft fair or to watch the lobster boat races.  (What can I say I'm not used to crowds and lines anymore smiley emoticons ) Seriously though, the day starts off with a 5k road race and a childrens race in the morning and ends with a parade in the evening.  Of course there are lobster dinners, barbecues and a lot of other things.  It's always a good time

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Blair Art Glass
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And of course, a few hundred yards down Main Street in Winter Harbor is the entrance road to the park.  The first thing you will come to are miles of new hiking trails and biking paths starting a hundred feet or so down the road.  But if hiking and biking aren't your thing, after that there's the turn off to Frazer Point picnic area where the views around the harbor are magnificent.  There are picnic tables and fire pits for barbecues.  There is a long wharf from which to fish.  There is also a tide pool that the children wade in and small sand beach next to that.  On any given day you'll see lobster boats pulling in the days catch and eagles soaring about the harbor.  On other days you can watch the the porpoises playing in the harbor or the sail boats from the yacht club racing.  You can wander out on the rocks and picnic or bring back mussels for dinner.  Have a cook out or lobster bake and relax into the evening around the campfire if you like listening to the loons after dark.  Life does not get any better than here. 

From this point on there are turnouts along the way for you to hike the trails, pause, relax or spend the day and take in the spectacular views of the islands, sea and wildlife.  The natural seawalls on the east side of the park are another favorite place to explore an enjoy the day.  Several islands also part of the park are close to shore including Little Moose Island, Schoodic Island, Pond Island, and Rolling Island.  A couple of which you can walk to at low tide. 

Bike path
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Bike path
Bike path
The groomed hiking trails in the park provide a natural perspective of the park while hikers meander through birches, cedars, jack pines and climb granite outcroppings.  Along the way you can pick wild blueberries, cranberries and apples from overgrown trees on old farmsteads. 

If you don't want to hike up to the summit on the left side of the park road near West Pond Cove, there is a narrow gravel road that winds its way to the top of Schoodic Head the highest point on the peninsula.  Its 440 foot peak offers panoramic views north of the penininsula and mountains and south straight out into the open Atlantic Ocean, and Frenchmans Bay to the west.  On a clear day you can see east to the Petit Manan lighthouse and preserve on the next peninsula over. 

A park trail A park trail
What a smile!
Schoodic Point, at the most southern tip of the peninsula, has granite outcroppings and pounding surf.  People come from all over to watch the surf as storms or hurricanes passing by sometimes hundreds of miles away break against the rocks and throw spray fifty feet or more in the air.  It really is something to see.  There is ample parking space for visitors and it is well worth the trip any day.

And finally, to see the coast of Maine as it should be seen.  Book a cruise out to see the puffins on Petit Manan Island.  They are a beautifully colored yet odd looking bird that to me look more like a painted carving than something actually alive.  In the summer they breed on just a few islands off the coast of northern Maine.  Or go out on the ferry Combined both legs of the trip are a 14 mile leisurely 1 hour+ trip.  First out by Mark Island Light and around Grindstone point and then either through the narrows between Turtle and Spectacle Islands or through the halibut hole and finally into Frenchmens Bay to the dock in downtown Bar Harbor before returning.  Along the way you'll round many beautiful islands with the occasional cabin and see vistas that will last a lifetime.  Whatever you desire, sightseeing, shopping, hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, canoeing a lake or pond, fishing, golf, sailing, bird watching, cross country skiing, the list goes on and as I said before, you can have remote, secluded, quiet or crowds anytime you want, it's your call.  You can have it or get to it from here.

I met someone at the docks a few years back now from NJ and he said it better than I can "its like being in heaven".  Do yourself a favor this year, come see!

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