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Settlers House
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Settlers House
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Settlers House, Schoodic Point, Winter Harbor, Maine
Settlers House

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The Settlers House is the oldest remaining home on Schoodic Point.  The home has a warmth & serenity that is difficult to put into words.  Except for all the modern conveniences it feels like my Great-Grandmothers house once felt.   Even though we love staying here ourselves it's easier to let our guests comments speak for it.

The cape cod portion of the home is the oldest section.   This style with its sturdy post and beam construction was very popular with the early settlers.  During a more recent renovation just two decades ago in which I added the dormer windows I found that the roof is actually put together with wooden pegs instead of nails.   I also found fragments of newspapers used for insulation prior to the civil war.   One piece had an ad for rewards for escaped runaway slaves.  A date on another of the fragments was Thursday, March 21, 1839.  The year 1765 is carved into one of the timbers under the living room walls.  In all the Settlers House has been added too a few times but its simple beauty, charm and colonial aura remains and are inescapable.

Not only is Settlers House a great vacation home for couples and families.  But with the king and queen bedrooms and bathrooms being at opposite ends of the home and with all of the bedrooms being apart from each other it is also the perfect getaway for two couples.  And when you are ready to enjoy some beautiful scenery or exercise just get on your bike or walk the park loop in front of the house.

Fully furnished, Plus:   Wireless internet, TV ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, Ion, Justise,
Decades, MPBN, MPBN World,
MPBN Create, PBS Kids
(Not all channels guaranteed)
, DVD, VCR player, collection of recent and older movies, tide clock, linens/towels, refrigerator, range, microwave, coffeemaker, toaster, dishes, silverware, pots, pans, etc., charcoal barbecue, 8 foot picnic table.
And just about everything else you should need to get started or forgot, right down to the soap, tissues, toilet paper, hair dryer, tea bags, coffee, etc., etc., etc..
Telephone: Bring your own Cell Phone.
Ground level: Kitchen, living room, fireplace room, 3 bedrooms, dining room, two baths, deck off the rear door.
Second floor: Small bedroom (suitable for a child of up to 10) and den/reading room
Basement: Partial with washer & dryer
Beds: One king, one queen, one double, one single.  (Porta crib and highchair available on request)
Situated: In the center of Birch Harbor and about 2 mile to the center of Winter Harbor between the exit and entrance roads to the park, a few hundred yards to the water in both directions, a little over a mile to the park. (a quarter mile if you fly:-)

Live lobsters

Welcome to Settlers House.
      Where life already is "the way it should be".

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Blair Art Glass
Blair Art Glass
(207-963-2264)   ~

Schoodic Point has one of the most beautiful rocky stretches of coastline in the whole state or for that matter the country.    We've had many artists vacation with us over the years and one thing they all keep repeating is that "the area is an artists dream come true".    It's just about a mile and a half walk to the center of Winter Harbor.   And it is a great hike or bike ride but then again why walk?    There is a free shuttle bus that tours the area in the summer and it travels by the house every half hour or so.  So just stand out at the road and wave.    They will be glad to pick you up.

View from Schoodic Head View from Schoodic Head
View from Schoodic Head - Drive or hike

In the immediate area there are shops, stores, businesses, restaurants and pounds to buy your lobsters plus a lot more.    When you are in the mood for lobsters you are in luck because you won't have to travel far and around here what you get is brought in to daily so they can't be much fresher and it's even sweeter that they are usually the cheapest place around.  Grindstone Neck in Winter Harbor has a nine hole golf course that is one of the oldest in the country with views of the ocean from every hole.  If you enjoy the ocean get in a kayak and meander through the bays and coves.   Ride out and see the seals basking on the rocks on the other side of Turtle Island, the osprey nesting near the Halibut Hole or the lighthouse on Mark Island.
(There's more about the area on the front page.)

Make reservation now Throughout the year Schoodic Arts puts on different programs, theaters, concerts, dances and many other events in Winter Harbor.  Then during the summer they host an arts festival for two weeks which usually starts around the last week in July.  But still overall it's generally quiet here (compared to where you probably live) except for the lobster festival and a few other things.  Once a year the entire area goes on holiday.  The second Saturday in August.  The only time of year that you can count more people than shellfish.  Sometimes the cars get backed up at the stop sign downtown ten deep waiting to make the turn for the craft fair or to watch the lobster boat races.  (What can I say I'm not used to crowds and lines anymore smiley emoticons )  Seriously though, the day starts off with a 5K road race in the morning and ends with a parade in the evening.  Of course there are lobster dinners, barbecues and a lot of other things.  It's always a good time.

Lobster feed Lobster feed
Lobster feed

It is a mile from Acadia National Parks entrance where you can bike or hike the trails.   The first thing you will come to are the miles of new hiking trails and biking paths starting right after the turn.  But if hiking isn't for you continue on to Frazer Point picnic area that juts out on a finger of land overlooking the harbor.   There is a long pier with a float attached that people fish for mackerel, bluefish and striper's when they run.   From here you'll have spectacular views of the mountains, Mark Island Lighthouse, lobster boats pulling in the days catch, harbor porpoises, seabirds and also eagles soaring about the harbor.  On other days you can watch the sail boats from the yacht club race.  The vistas are nothing less than magnificent and many have spent the entire vacations right there.   I know, I spend enough time there myself.  We love to picnic by the fire in the evenings .  Words can't describe it.  Anyway the gray and pink granite coastline is a sight you won't soon forget.

A day at the Point
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A day at the Point
A day at the Point

 Next, hike or drive to the top of Schoodic Head to see some breathtaking sunrises, sunsets and a commanding view of the area, ocean and islands.    From there, head out to the point relax or picnic and gaze straight out into the Atlantic.  It can be really spectacular if there has been a storm at sea.   People come from all around to watch the waves break over the rocks.

There is also freshwater swimming and canoeing at Jones Pond (5 miles away).   Or enjoy fishing for landlocked salmon, brook trout, lake trout and bass.  If you are a leaf peeper and plan on visiting to view New England's fall foliage in all it's colors.   The leaves generally reach their peak in October and can be quite spectacular.

Bob's Bob's
The other Place

And finally, to see the coast of Maine as it should be seen.  Book a cruise out to see the puffins on Petit Manan Island.  They are a beautifully colored yet odd looking bird that to me look more like a painted porcelain collectable than an actual bird.  In the summer they breed on just a few islands off the coast of northern Maine.  Or go out on the ferry.  Out and back combined, both legs of the trip are a 14 mile leisurely 1 hour trip, first out by Mark Island Light, then around Grindstone point and then either through the narrows between Turtle and Spectacle Islands or through the halibut hole and finally into Frenchmens Bay to the docks in downtown Bar Harbor before returning.  Along the way you'll round many beautiful islands with the occasional cabin and see vistas that will last a lifetime.  Whatever you desire, sightseeing, shopping, hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, canoeing a lake or pond, fishing, golf, sailing, bird watching, cross country skiing, the list goes on and as I said before, you can have remote, secluded, quiet or crowds anytime you want, it's your call.  You can have it or get to it from here.

But where ever you end up this year. Hope you have a great time. ~ Wes

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$ / Week

Four night minimum

$ / Week

July & August - weeks start on Saturday
Six night minimum until two weeks prior

$ / Week

Four night minimum

$ / Week
Dec 1st on - four week minimum

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  • During summer dates - weeks start Saturday
  • Maine lodging tax
  • Refundable security deposit   -    $
  • Maximum (no exceptions) number of people = Six
  • Check in after 4:30pm.  -  Check out by 11am
  • Spring & fall daily rates are on the credit card page
  • NO SMOKING in the house
  • Pets allowed: Limited to 2 dogs
  • Security deposit with pets increased $ for 1 / $ for 2
  • Senior and service discounts           
    • No it doesn't hurt to ask but the calendar is up to date 99% of the time.
    • Limit of 6 persons & 2 pets:  Absolutely no exceptions.
    • Is it on the water or is ther a view:  No to both.  The harbors are a few hundred yards down the road in both directions.
    • How close is the park:     About a quarter of a mile as the crow flies but the entrance is about a mile down the road.
    • Is the road in front of the house very busy or loud:  The posted speed limit is 25 miles/hour.  Anything over a car every few minutes seems busy to me.  So for the tourist season to me yes, but probably nothing like what you are used to and the house does sit back from the road.
    • Will we meet you:  I mow the lawn, take the trash, water the flowers, live 2 miles away and usually drive by the house at least once a day.  I do try to at least say hi, introduce myself and answer any questions.  So yes most of the time you probably will.
    • When will I get my security deposit back:  Assuming everything is in order after you leave, most people get their security deposit back within the first 3 days but I am human so if you haven't recieved it in a week email me.
    • Do you rent Settlers House during the winter:  If notified early enough we can, but from December through April the minimum rental period is four weeks even if you stay less than that.